Pharmaceutical And Patient Care

safe and effective medication therapy and optimal patient treatment outcomes.

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Our Products and Services

We apply stringent practices in our sourcing and storage of our products which guarantees our clients quality products.

All our products and services are available at affordable and flexible rates to all our customers. We offer free delivery for clients within Nairobi’s CBD and extra charges to cater for transport for customers living outside Nairobi’s CBD.

Apart from our core business of dispensing medicines we also offer the following complementary services

  • Professional Ear Piercing

  • Vaccination and Travel Advisory

  • Diabetes education and Blood Sugar Testing

  • Home Based Health Care Supplies e.g. Incontinence Products like Tena Brands

  • Wound Dressing

  • Blood Pressure Monitoring

  • Pregnancy Testing

  • Weight Checks

  • Compounding

  • Counseling


Vaccination Center

Vaccine Center As a community pharmacy, we are on the first line on matters public health, and therefore a major player in promoting health by preventing disease, thus prolonging the lives of Kenyans. New Lemuma Pharmacy Co. Ltd recognizes the fact that Vaccination/immunization is [...]


Diabetes Care Centre/Education

Diabetes Care Centre Diabetes is one of the non-communicable diseases affecting over two million Kenyans. This constitutes over 2% of the over 45milllion Kenyans which is undoubtedly a huge number of people living with diabetes. Diabetes impacts negatively on the productivity of affected households hence [...]

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We have adopted an open office concept and a new look set-up that provides a friendly ambience . With this kind of concept, our dispensing staffs are able to engage directly with clients/patients on a-one-on-one basis thus assuring the clients/patients confidentiality and a sense of oneness/belonging.