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Diabetes Care Centre

Diabetes is one of the non-communicable diseases affecting over two million Kenyans. This constitutes over 2% of the over 45milllion Kenyans which is undoubtedly a huge number of people living with diabetes. Diabetes impacts negatively on the productivity of affected households hence the need for tight glucose control measures which include regular testing.
New Lemuma Pharmacy Co. Ltd endeavors to meet the needs of diabetic patients, and care givers in the field of diabetes by providing solutions through innovative, quality and cost-effective range of blood glucose testing systems and continuous diabetes education to our clients.
The range of blood glucose monitoring systems we keep offer quality guarantee as:

  • They comply with the newest ISO certification standards
  • They are FDA and CE Approved too


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We have adopted an open office concept and a new look set-up that provides a friendly ambience . With this kind of concept, our dispensing staffs are able to engage directly with clients/patients on a-one-on-one basis thus assuring the clients/patients confidentiality and a sense of oneness/belonging.